Stolen by an Alien Series

It’s slow-going as far as site updates, but here’s a fun little trivia bite for now: =D



In Blind Fall, the name Sanna is short for Susanna. There was a scene where Sanna explains to Breslin that she grew up with people singing the song “Oh Susana!”–and she hated it. Therefore, at a young age, she shortened her name to distance herself from the obligatory serenading. This scene was inspired by a real friend named Susanna who goes by Sanna for this exact reason. And it drives her crazy, but everybody pronounces her nickname Sahna. If she corrects them, she inevitably has to mention that it’s really pronounced liked the Sanna in Susanna… and then the song starts. This poor girl!

For the audio version of this story, I was lucky enough to be able to choose narrators I love (shout out to Callie Dalton and Teddy Hamilton, who I began stalking after hearing them read From Lukov with Love (and Dear Aaron) by the wonderful Mariana Zapata!) but I didn’t get to interact with the narrators directly to mention the pronunciation of Sanna’s name. Since the scene was dropped from the story, it was no hardship to me to hear it read Sahna–but the moment I heard it, I knew my friend was going to bang her head on her desk. ;D  POOR SANNA! <3