Sam Heughan from Outlander: We're doing a bad thing, but for a good reason

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Rescued Audiobook

But I will warn you that we could only afford to produce one more book and I chose book 4, Craved, because I’m a sucker for Scottish accents and it was my pet project to see this one done. Someday, if sales take off, I’d love to have book 3 produced too but for now the audio of the series will be skipping a story. For those that are able to follow along by audio-only, I’m sorry! A lot of events in Callie and Zadeon’s story flow nicely into Dohrein and Gracie’s, so although you’ll miss a chunk of them in Won by an Alien, I can tell you it’s not crucial and I hope if you continue on that you still have a good listen! Thank you SO much for reviewing on Audible and telling others you liked what you heard—-guys, it was AWESOME to see that. A dream come true! ♥

Fun Trivia: The narrator, Nick Cracknell, is a wizard at accents. Readers had asked for Dohrein to have a Scottish accent so I mentioned that to him, but told him no pressure.

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I said have fun, and pick whatever he wanted for the characters.
Jason whipping out a chair for a front row seat: This is gonna be good

In Stolen, he gave Dohrein a gorgeous Scottish accent.
How I met Your Mother: WAIT FOR IT...

…And then he gave Gracie an English accent. WHOA. It rocked! As he was reading Stolen, I was writing Craved by an Alien, Dohrein & Gracie’s story, and that made for some fun tweaks. I reached out to Jo at and asked if she’d read it over and let me know if the phrases and words I wanted Gracie to say would work. Some words, like ‘pissed’ have very different meanings across the pond.

Princess Bride You keep using that word...

But because Gracie has spent a few years in the USA, it left juuust a little wiggle room. 😉
Emelia Clark YAY