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If you’ve seen the Marc Antony Looney Tunes cartoon, you might remember that Antony saw his kitten land in the batter bowl and get baked into cookies. It was horrifying for him to witness. (Thankfully, his kitten made it out safely, and he finds that out, much to his effervescent relief!) Boy, I thought of this cartoon when I saw these reviews–Guys, I’m SO sorry!!!

Trouble downloading book on Kindle
😱I want to make it very clear that I’m not calling these reviewers out–on the contrary! These are long time fans of the series (I LOVE YOU!!!♥) and they took the time to leave reviews (Thank You!!)–I’m trying to *find* them! If you are Tiff or Cat you know who they are, please tell them to try re-downloading The Quarry Master. The dinner scene and the hand-holding/pulling away scenes are *less* than halfway through the story–these readers totally got screwed! 😲😲🥺 If you can’t get yours to download the full book, CONTACT ME–I’ll make it right! ♥🦉♥ My email is
(And THANK YOU AGAIN to Tiff & Cat7788! I hope you get a chance to read the full story with no trouble and have a wonderful time!!)

My book stopped halfway on Kindle
P.S.–if it helps anyone else, reader Danielle shared that this happens on her device sometimes, and she’s found that the following might work to fix it: “I have to go into my library instead of home on kindle, select and download from there.” Thank you, Danielle, for this tip!